White canvas
a parade of experiences

White canvas

Food, theatre, music, art and the feeling of ‘together’ had to be at the heart of an event that INC set up with ‘Dubbelrood’ www.dubbelrood.nl. Not a massive audience but an intimate parade with a clear concept. The event was conceptually conceived and executed from A-Z and resulted in a sold out ‘Wit Canvas’. Martijn and Klemens made two films especially for this event. ‘Zes treden onder nul’ was shown in an old ice cellar in the forest. ‘Leven in de achtertuin’ was shown in a special box in the field. (Photos event Jan Amse)

Connection and experience

Time for coffee with suction cups

Then we ask a lot and listen carefully. Agile, sharp, creative, flexible, coordinated, and inventive. The result? A perfectly fitting solution. It will feel like coming home. INC makes you visible and ensures that you are remembered. Simply because we know exactly how it works. That’s our passion! And we’re good at it.