Germany is the most important business partner for the Netherlands. Investing in knowledge of the language and business culture is therefore very worthwhile.

Geschäftsreif is the brainchild of Tjaco Rowaan and Esther Bouma and a new, but above all quirky player in the field of corporate travel. It had to be different and especially more striking than other providers and with courage they present a concept with a clear message. Thijn focused on online marketing and the first trip in 2020 can be booked.

Time for coffee with suction cups

Then we ask a lot and listen carefully. Agile, sharp, creative, flexible, coordinated, and inventive. The result? A perfectly fitting solution. It will feel like coming home. INC makes you visible and ensures that you are remembered. Simply because we know exactly how it works. That’s our passion! And we’re good at it.